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Reentry 180


The Approach To Service Excellence

A Nation of Hope believes in the power of motivating and equipping underserved populations experiencing loss in the folds of survival, learning to cope with unforeseen challenges and barriers, and attempting to find purpose and healing from the aftermath of incarceration. We strive to reach others by providing services to help unlock opportunities for self-preservation and mental growth.

3 Pillars of Service

Our three (3) pillars of service consist of:

  • Delivering experienced mentorship to individuals & families seeking social and economic restoration.

  • Offering impactful resources in collaboration with trusted partners that address client needs. 

  • Providing ongoing support through informative, empowering, and practical programming.

ANOH's Strategy

Reentry 180 is an extensive personal development program equipping individuals (18 years of age and older) with impactful tools to avoid behaviors that could lead to incarceration and homelessness. Our approach is to help others learn how to establish and maintain a life of mental health stability that leads to notable achievements for years to come. The first stop is for our team to explore lived experiences. To do this, we will research the interconnection between incarceration and homelessness, spread awareness, collect viable data, and establish educational materials to fulfill our mission and foster hope. The goal is to reach more than 30 participants by December 2024 in North Texas and expand our research throughout the United States. 100% of all proceeds go directly to the Reentry 180 Program.

Your thoughtfulness and generosity are not taken for granted and will get us one step closer to saving lives and keeping our communities safe!

A man sitting next to a window with his hand on his face in despair.
A woman sitting with her head in her hand crying.

Virtual or Phone Call Support

For Men & Women

We set aside ourselves from the world to engage in difficult conversations with others impacted by incarceration and homelessness.


No Program Requirements.

No Strings Attached.

No Religious Affiliation Required.

Just Your Mind & Voice.

A safe space to receive support during a difficult time as you readjust after incarceration and during transition.

Contact us now! You don't have to go through this alone. You may remain anonymous.

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