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Ways To Help

Help Us Reach Our Goal

We aim to raise over $1,000 in monetary donations by August 2024 to research the effects of incarceration & homelessness in North Texas and beyond. 

" come from the people who know the problems best; nonprofits that are run by members of the community they serve, and that treat people like customers with distinct needs that must be met. Change needs to come from the bottom up."

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We are actively seeking passionate and devoted board members offering their time, support, and expertise in the following:

Secretary / Office Administration*

In-Person & Remote

Treasurer / Accounting & Finance*

In-Person & Remote


*Location preferred in Texas

Individuals with lived experience are encouraged to apply!


How else can I support A Nation of Hope?


Check out the shop to purchase brand-name apparel while providing words of encouragement along the way.

100% of the proceeds go toward our Reentry 180 Program.

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